Angry Hick Makes Weight
06.25.10 TAH Staff
The Angry Hick has made weight for his June 26 Strikeforce fight against Vagner Rocha and is ready to dish out a beatdown of epic proportions. WAR ANGRY HICK!!!

Bret Fighting June 26 in Strikeforce
06.1.10 TAH Staff
Bret will be fighting on the June 26 Strikeforce card at the San Jose Pavilion. He will be taking on the undefeated BJJ Black Belt Vagner Rocha (5-0). Look for Bret to unleash his anger and arsenal of weapons on the unfortunate Rocha. Hopefully Rocha won't pull out at the last minute like so many of Bret's opponents do after seeing video of the Angry Hick in action. Get your tickets now to come support the Angry One! WAR ANGRY HICK!!!
Title Fight Not Happening
06.1.09 TAH Staff
The title fight has been cancelled.
The Angry Hick Fighting for a Title in Cananda
05.15.09 TAH Staff
Bret is headlining the UCW 16 card in Winnepeg, Canada this coming June 19th. He will be fighting Ultimate Fighter and UFC veteren Kalib Starnes. The Hick has been training like a beast, earning his Cesar Gracie brown belt in the process, and is ready to show the Canadian what a good old American ass whipping is all about.

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